The services are delivered to utmost customer satisfaction through managerial and technical resources, proficient in the latest technology. In addition, customers gain high value, through proven processes and state-of-the-art tools. From technology optimization to mitigating risks, there is a constant demand to evaluate, deploy and manage flexible, responsive and economical solutions. Though the world is moving at rocket's pace in terms of technology still it has not achieved the maximum. SMS still remains the link between people in preference to internet. This made iconce innovate a SMS based information retrieval application.

Digital Marketing Company | SEO & Social Media Agency

We are providing creative and customized online solutions including..... Digital Strategy, Social Media, Branding & Design, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services, Pay Per Click - PPC Services, Mobile Marketing, App Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing Services

Web & Mobile App Design and Development

We are the experts and technologists. Complete service: Design, Develop, Deploy. we can help you design and develop a world-class web or mobile application for your business. To discuss your project, get in touch with us today!

Smarthome - Home Automation Systems, Products, Kits, Hubs & Ideas

Home automation is nothing new, but a recent boom in smart-home tech has thrust it straight into the spotlight. Smart-home kits includes Remote Control, Lighting Control, Whole Home Audio/Video IR Distribution, Surveillance and Security.

SMS information module

To create a new platform we proposes to create a new platform or medium to provide timely information to the people of Mumbai. As the reach of mobile has increased drastically in the recent past, we can reach to the masses in seconds.Our Motto is “Right information to Right Commuters at Right time.” This means providing required information to the public when he/she is in need of it. One of the Trendsetter Application of this is Local Train Punctuality Status.


Our work Portfolio shows every aspect of our creativeness and uniqueness in our IT Consulting, Digital Marketing Company | SEO & Social Media Agency, Web & Mobile App Design and Development and Smarthome - Home Automation Systems

SEO & Social Media Agency

Web & Mobile App Design and Development

IT Consulting

Home Automation

IT Solution

Smart Home & Security Solution

iconce clients share our passion for results and it shows in their success. Companies that outperform the market like to work with us.
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Pankaj Salve


Management professional having over 11 years of industry experience. He has done his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Management Studies specializing in Marketing domain.

Paul Dayanidhi

Chief Telecom Officer

IIT – Madras Engg. with over 22 years of experience in telecom. Worked for Wataniya Telecom Kuwait, Reliance Comm, Tata Teleservices Specializing in 3G / GSM/ CDMA /Wi –Fi / BBWT / wi-max and, Wireless Data.

Jack William


Digital Marketing & SEO professional having over 08 years of experience. Bachelor´s Degree in Economics and Master in Digital Marketing from UK.



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